1. About

    Pacific Pest Control P/L was formed in 1964.

    Providing a first class quality pest control service to domestic and Commercial Clients we have grown to be a household name, enjoying a very good reputation within the Pest control Industry.

    Having served the industry for 40 years be sure we in Pacific Pest Control have the skills and the expertise in pest control and termite field to solve your problem and satisfy your requirements at competitive rates.

    Our Staff and technical manager are more than keen to assist you with any enquiries you may have ensuring the delivery of a quality product at all times.

    At Pacific Pest Control

    We understand you! Our aim is to deliver confidence and Piece of Mind.

    We make it our business to provide you with a hassle free, safe, effective, environment friendly and at your convenience pest management solution from health threatening pests.

    Pacific Pest Control’s expert team is continuously involved in the field-testing of new products and treatment systems to ensure the very best results are achieved before it is used at your home or business.

    Active networking within the industry and via conferences or special courses allows Pacific Pest control to be pro-active in developing better work practices, customer service and use products to maximum efficiency.

    At Pacific Pest Control everything we do is designed to meet our promise to provide you with 'safety for your family, work place and the Environment’!

    Pacific Pest Control is an Accredited member of the AEPMA (Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association) and our inspectors are experienced and have completed an accreditation course.

    Pacific Pest Control Technical manager and director, has been involved in Pest Control for over 30 years and is very well respected within the industry.

    Con Francis was involved in the formation of the “Australian Pest Control Competency Standards”, has completed many Pest management specialist and accreditation courses and is constantly updated with all new technology.

    At Pacific we built our reputation on being dedicated to our customer satisfaction and providing a quality service at a reasonable price.

    We pride ourselves in our reliability and integrity and deliver confidence and Peace of Mind.