1. Termites


    Australian termites are the most destructive termites in the world!

    Termites have existed for over 50 Million Years, they more commonly known as white ants.

    A termite mount is the most familiar form of termite nest. However, while some species prefer a completely underground existence, others build their nest within or attached to a dead or living tree.

    Termite basic food requirement is cellulose, and your home provides them a smorgasbord to feed on!

    Our most destructive termites live in underground nests and enter your home or investment property by concealed mud tunnels creating thousands of dollars damage.

    Annual damage by termites to structures and surroundings is calculated to be 5 times that caused by fires, flood and storms combined!

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    Brick and concrete slab constructed homes do not offer any protection against termites as they can enter via fine cracks on slab surface penetrations or wall cavities.

    With the home being so often the major family asset, and termite infestation and damage essentially uninsurable, homeowners are desperately seeking reliable protection against termites. If proper control procedures are not implemented, serious structural damage will occur!

    We In Pacific Pest Control have the experience and the accreditation to offer you effective Termite Control

    and the TimberSure $100,000 Timber replacement warranty backed up by Pacific International Insurance!


    How can i tell if my home has termites?

    The best way is to call Pacific Pest Control to conduct a thorough inspection of your house. We look for the following signs of termites:

    • Mud leads to tunnel like structures running along the surface of foundation walls or timber under the flooring or roof.
    • Mud particles protruding through fibro, gyprock door frames or dress timbers.
    • Blistering of timber, paint or plaster.
    • Hollow sound of timber upon taping.
    • Power failure - as termites are known to chew through electrical insulation.

    I've found termites, what do I do...?

    • Do not disturb the termites or the working - cover them as they were.
    • Do not spray or pour any chemicals on termites or their working.
    • Do not remove any timbers or any of the material you found them in.
    • Immediately call Pacific Pest Control to speak to an experienced accredited termite consultant for advise or information.

    What can i do to minimise the risk of termite infestation to my home?

    • Do not store any timber material in contact with ground against or around your property.
    • Do not store any timber material under your property & remove any formwork timber from under slabs.
    • Do not use any timber materials in your garden. remove any tree stumps and or timber from landscaping.
    • Do not erect structures with any timber making contact directly with soil.
    • Ensure your home has good ventilation as termites require moisture and humidity for their survival.
    • Fix all your leaking pluming e.g. gutters, downpipes, taps. Connect air condition and hot water systems to your drainage system and ensure there is good drainage around the house.