1. Termite Control

    With over 30 years proven experience and accreditation in pest treatment, trust Pacific Pest Control to give you the right advise when it comes to termite treatment.

    Termite Inspection and Control is a job for Skilled Professional

    Some pest controllers claim to follow the Australian standards, but cut corners by not applying control agents at the correct rates and often only perform partial treatment. This frequently makes their prices look very attractive – but you may be left with many more problems.

    With modern termite control agents it is absolutely essential that a thorough inspection is carried out to draw up a planned approach including colony location and control procedures, and the right concentrations and amounts of termiticide be applied in the approved manner.

    So while the price may look attractive you’re likely to loose out in the long run as it is likely the termites will probably return.

    A thorough Approach to Termite Management is Essential.

    Why should you choose Pacific pest Control Termite Specialist?

    We in Pacific Pest Control are accredited termite specialist. With over 30 years experience and having completed special advanced training programs, we have undergone a  vigorous, independent examination of our professional standards to ensure we are qualified to provide you with an expert opinion and treatment you need by Pacific International Insurance Ltd. This was integral to offering you Timber Sure Warranty.

    We In Pacific Pest Control have the experience and the accreditation to offer you Affective Termite Control and the

    Timber sure $100,000 timber replacement warranty backed up by Pacific International Insurance

    We offer multiple methods of termite eradication, prevention and or monitoring. These include both chemical and physical methods.

    Chemical Method

    We determine the needs of each individual property to identify the most effective method i.a. either deterrent or non-deterrent chemical treatment. The chemicals we use are low toxicity, environmentally friendly and odourless. We recommend and use top of the line termiticides for our chemical treatments.

    Termidor®, Premise, Prothor and Biflex®

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    Our expertise in Termites & Barrier Applications involves:

    • Drilling of concrete slabs/paths
    • Trenching around foundation walls
    • Trenching around piers and foundation walls in underfloor
    • Chemical application to trenching and to soil while refilling
    • Injection of termiticide chemical into drilled holes using specialised injection rods
    • Blanket spray to underfloor soil area with high pressure hand gun

    Physical Method

    Baiting Systems

    We use the Exterra® termite monitoring and baiting system with focus termite attractant, which is exclusive to Exterra and has been developed for Australian Termites. This system requires the installation of unique baiting stations in-ground around the structure and above ground where life termites may have been found.

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    Initially we focus Exterra’s special formulation for termites to be attracted to baiting stations. Once termites start to appear in the baiting station we then apply insect growth regulator (IGR), Requiem, as the active constituent in the Exterra® bait. Active termites feed on the highly attractive bait food source & translocated the IGR to other members of the colony, at levels undetectable by those termites, until the colony is eradicated.

    Termite activity is monitored by monthly inspections by your our professional technician, at which time the bait stations are also replenished with bait and timber.

    Reticulation Systems

    A reticulation injection system for the long term protection against termites is installed under concrete slabs and patios paths. Installing this system involves placing perforated polyethylene pipes and injecting termiticide under concrete slabs or around the perimeter of the house.

    According to Australian Standards and all chemical manufacturer termite inspection of the property must be carried by a professional annually.


    By using Pacific Pest Control you can rest assured that all of termite control and treatment methods are environmentally friendly and most of all effective. With over 30 years experience we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results - No More Termites!


    We Protect your Family and Investment!