1. TermiScan® Inspections

    Being in timber pest inspection and termite control for many years we recognise the need for both increased professionalism, and ways of detecting termite infestations. We have invested in highly advanced equipment and new technology, and keep doing so to provide you with best possible results.

    We in Pacific Pest Control have adapted infra red technology to identify termite nesting within the veneer walls by the temperature radiated to a surface of the wall. The infra red camera measures temperature radiated to a surface and converts these into visual images.

    In Addition to our expert accredited, highly skilled inspectors we have exclusively the use of TermiScan® Infra red Termite Detection and the service of a Qualified Thermographer with Class 1 & 2 Certification from RMIT University.

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    The images above show how we have detected termite nesting in veneer walls which where previously not detected by a visual inspection. TermiScan® Infrared Technology can effectively be used to detect termite nesting within walls which otherwise can remain undetected or as a follow up on treatments to ensure the continuation of termite infestation has ceased. TermiScan® can also be use to detect water leaks, thermal envelope of a structure electrical installations, and many other problems that could be very expensive for you in the long term.

    TermiScan® Infra red Inspections are exclusive to Pacific Pest Control Pty Ltd.